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Pile driving - cloud based apps

Thrilled to introduce the pile driving analysis software - a state-of-the-art pile driving analysis software that leverages the power of cloud-based computing.

Pile driving basics

Our pile driving analysis software focuses on the basics of a pile driving assessment:

  • Inputs: hammer, pile & soil characteristics

  • Outputs: blow-counts, pile stresses, soil resistance 

The software allows an engineer to select the appropriate hammer for a location and assess potential issues due to stresses in the pile.

Web app vs API access 

We offer the functionality of our pile driving software in two distinct packages:

  • Premium web app: Conduct analyses, save results securely, and export data with ease. The intuitive interface allows for a seamless user experience that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, thanks to the VIKTOR cloud platform

  • API Access: Seamlessly integrate our pile driving analysis capabilities into your own calculation pipelines, enhancing both flexibility and functionality. Parallel cloud based computing allows you to accelerate the calculations. Potential advanced use-cases include: real-time analysis of pile driving results or back-analysis of your database with pile driving results. 

Free Version Available

Whilst the software is in validation stage, we offer free versions:

  • Access the demo version of the VIKTOR app by registering on . This allows you to check the basic functionality of the software.

  • FREE API access trial - we offer a free trial to the API access for companies who can help us validate the software and compare it to their in-house methods. Email us at to request a free trial. 

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Our mission is to boost innovation in offshore wind through superior technology. By trying out our software and sharing your feedback, you help us innovate and refine our solutions. 

Let's build the future together!

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