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Bespoke software for offshore wind engineers

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Monopile analysis (PISA method)

This application calculates the pile behaviour under lateral loading. The calculations are based on a 1D finite element model with Timoshenko beam theory and all 4 soil reaction components of the PISA 1D model.


Leg penetration analysis

This application calculates the load-penetration curve for a spudcan of a jack-up vessel. The calculations are performed according to the mechanism based method in the InSafe JIP report allowing for multiple layer interactions. 
MPM simulations are available upon request.


Pile driving

This application calculates the pile behaviour during pile driving, where the stress waves in the pile are simulated. It is based on a finite element model, with a predictor-corrector method to perform time-stepping.


Vibration analysis

Analyse the vibration modes of offshore wind turbines during and after construction.
Rent our measurement equipment to monitor and validate your results.


Suction installation / hydraulic extraction

This application calculates the caisson or pile behaviour during suction installation or hydraulic extraction. The calculations are based on a 1D finite element limit analysis model, to capture layered soil profiles and different potential failure mechanisms.

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Explore the functionality of our apps:

  • PISA 1D method

  • Pile driving

  • Suction installation/hydraulic extraction

  • Leg penetration analysis

  • Vibration analysis


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